I Figured Out Why Email Is King

On May 1897, while the great American novelist, humorist, and social critic Samuel Clemens — well known under the nom de plume of Mark Twain, was in London on a speaking tour, someone started a rumor that he was critically ill and emaciated. Then news followed that he had died.

A reporter told Mark that  a famous American newspaper printed his obituary, he quipped:

      “The reports of my death are greatly exaggerated.”

The same story holds true for the myth, “Email  is dead.” People say email marketing is dying.  Everyone is moving to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and the likes. Use social instead!  

Relax, take a deep breath and say,

“Seika no itten ni kokoro wo shizume tou itsu suru.”

It means, “Keep one point.” Submerge one’s mind at one point; Calm one’s mind.   This exercise is one of the fundamental principles of Aikido.  OK; OK, before I get lost in the sea of mind principles, back to regular programming.   Email is still useful, and it will be with us for a very long time.

Even Gurus make mistakes

Anyone who runs a serious business online takes advantage of the potential benefits of email. People may use social media channels as a strategy, but its main purpose is to drive traffic to their website;  Lead them to an opt-in page and capture email addresses to grow their list.  If you put all your efforts on building your followers through the various social media channels and not your email list, you are losing out.

There’s one Internet guru who started establishing his presence through social and intentionally ignored his email list. Over time, he realized that it did not do him good.  It did not move the needle. He gathered about 40k Twitter followers, but when he drove them to his website, he only got a handful of subscribers. Same goes with his 100k, Facebook followers.  When it’s time to gather moss, only a few converted. Now, he’s starting from scratch.  He’s struggling to build his email database again.

Now, compare this to measly 10k email subscribers.  When you push that send button, it’s instant acceleration. A big difference compared to the low conversion rate social can do for you.

On April 2003, Jeff Walker conducted a mastermind meeting (aka  Platinum Mastermind Group meeting) along with his members (he calls his members his extended family).


Jeff Walker is an Internet marketer based in Durango, Colorado and the creator of the Product Launch Formula. He is the author of the #1 New York Times Bestseller “Launch: An Internet Millionaire’s Secret Formula To Sell Almost Anything Online, Build A Business You Love, And Live The Life Of Your Dreams.”.

During the meeting, a well-known Technopreneur, also a published author who wrote the first book on email marketing in 1999, joined his session. In one of the discussions, the author suddenly blurted and said, “Email is dead!” He kept on ranting on why they should quell on using email. He was an exuberant and enthusiastic guy.  But everyone was surprised when he made such a bold statement which provoked everyone to argue.  And he argues back. What made it worse, he shocked everyone when he stood up on top of his table and made loud paroxysms saying,  

“Email is dead! It’s dying! We got to move on! “

We all know that he is misguided.  Because then on, billions of dollars have been earned from harnessing the powers of email marketing.  Jeff’s headquarters in Colorado was a product of email marketing.  Anik Singal’s, named top 3 young entrepreneurs by the “Businessweek” and “Inc 500”; built his mansion from the money he made from “Inbox Blueprint.”  This online program was heavy on email marketing.  They realized these rewards because they grabbed the opportunities email marketing has offered. We are inundated with rags to riches stories of people exploiting the potentials of email marketing.

Here are statistics to prove that Email is a critical communications tool in the workplace and it will grow significantly over the coming years.

The backbone of any successful business

According to more than 5,000 of marketers surveyed by Salesforce.com for the 2015th annual State of Marketing report, Email turned out to be an integral touchpoint along the customer journey: 73%  agree that email marketing is essential to the success of their business. Looking at the chart below, we can concur that the importance of email is  advancing  when  you compare 2014 with the 2015 data, “Why is email imperative to your firm?” 60% of marketers in the 2015 survey concluded that email is a crucial enabler of the company’s products and services vs.  42%  of marketers in 2014.

Email is still king;  It’s not dead; It’s not dying, and it’s here to stay.  Email is and will continue to be the linchpin of every organization.

Do you collect your visitors email addresses? Do you use them to send your promotional content and newsletters?  How is it working for your company? I’d love to hear from you. Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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