An Online Talk Show about Life, Technology, and Entrepreneurship


An Online Talk Show about Life, Technology, and Entrepreneurship

Title Options:

Option 1 – UNLOCKED with Jovel Cipriano
Option 2 – RECALIBRATE with Jovel Cipriano
Option 3 – InDepth with Jovel Cipriano

Slogan: Create an Awesome Life.
                         Stay Inspired and Be Awesome.
                         It’s not over until I win.
                         The sun is always out.


To educate, inspire, and guide entrepreneurs so they can save money, reduce cost, and gain competitive advantage in their chosen fields.
           To provide value and help people gain clarity, get unstuck, and beat technology overwhelm.
First Mover Advantage.  This will be the first online talk show of its kind.  It started in the US, but it will soon be here.  We are just moving fast.           

The Goal:

To be the premiere Online Talk Show on Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Experience, and other technological advances in the Philippines.

The Model:   

I will model anyone of these shows:
1. Lewis Howes Show:
2. Marie Forleo Show:
3. Tom Bilyeu Show:uide

1. The Lewis Howes Show

2. The Marie Forleo Show

3. The Tom Bilyeu Show

Customer Segments: Who are your mass and niche markets?

Small Business Owners, Entrepreneurs/ Solopreneurs, College students, Aspiring Entrepreneurs, Professionals (ages 17- 50)

Value Proposition:

What are you offering?

            A platform where people can learn about Entrepreneurship, Digital Marketing, E-commerce, Customer Experience and other technological advances like Artificial Intelligence, Fintech, Blockchain, and more.

Why are you different?

            Jovel’s over 20 years experience in the field of IT is the driving force behind his successes. He is a sought-after authority in the fields of E-commerce, Digital Marketing, Sales, and Export. This ex-IBMer has earned global recognition from the WTO, APEC, and the UN. He graduated from the University of the Philippines with a double degree in Computer Science and Tourism. In his spare time, Jovel enjoys adventure sports, such as surfing, scuba diving, and mountaineering. He loves travelling and exploring exotic local cuisines.


Youtube, Linkedin, Facebook, Instagram, Tiktok

Customer Relationships:

Build a community of like-minded people.
            Build a community of people who need the help the most.

Revenue Streams:

Sponsorships, Partnerships, Online Courses, Influencer Marketing opportunities, Product/Services sales,  Affiliate Marketing, Subscription, Ad Revenues from Social Media platforms, etc.

Key Resources:

         My time, Venue, Photo and video services, Copywriting/Scriptwriting services, Make-up services, Video equipment rental,  Web maintenance(site design, hosting, email sequences, etc.),  Marketing/Advertising,

Key Activities:

            Invite mentors, experts, successful people who can inspire.  Share their story via a video.

Key Partnerships:

Venue sponsors, Video production partners, Brands to help cover overhead costs.

 Cost Structure: